Christy Chell

We were very fortunate to have Dennis and April Aubery sell our home in the Santa Rosa Valley. We chose them because they are the Santa Rosa Valley Area Specialists. We were very pleased with expertise and professionalism. Since they are the area specialists, they priced our home correctly. It sold for what we had expected. Also they are very familiar with all of the facets that come with buying property in Santa Rosa Valley. This is a huge benefit for the buyer when purchasing a home with land. Another benefit is that they handled all of the fine details of the close of our home. The entire process was extremely smooth. Dennis and April are very professional, as well as personable. Their honesty and straightforwardness won us over. If you are looking for high quality expert realtors in the Santa Rosa Valley. We highly recommend them!

— Christy Chell

Debbie H/Chrisma Court

When we decided to sell our home in the Santa Rosa Valley, I knew picking the right Realtor was critical. I did my research and interviewed the top candidates. Dennis and April were my pick and I could not have chosen better. They are knowledgeable hard working professionals willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. I would strongly recommend these two to anyone wanting to sell their home.

— Debbie H/Chrisma Court

Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Lee

The Auberys are an exemplary model of the following character traits: trustworthy, Integrity, Reverence for God, Diligent, Teamwork, Experience, Incredible Work Ethic, Persistent, Diligent, Wise, Responsive, Reliable, Professional. During the entire process, Dennis and April have consistently provided is with an exemplary level of customer service. It has been a genuine pleasure to have them as our agents.

— Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Lee

Alice and Herb Feinman

You can not know how much we truly appreciate all that you have done for us - and our family. If you remember a the beginning I told you were thinking of selling "by owner" or with one of the "help you" companies. What a mistake that would have been - and we never would have gotten the price you got for us!! I am amazed at your patience, perseverance and people skills. This commission was EARNED - every penny of it. If you ever need a reference please do not hesitate to contact us. Anything we say about you will be the absolute positive truth.

— Alice and Herb Feinman

Guy and Judy Philips

You did a great job in pairing us up and working through all the large and small details necessary to satisfy us both. The fact that you went out and found the buyer, rather than waiting around for other agents to bring prospects, is what we were expecting, when we chose a local person with substantial contacts in the area. We really appreciate the "extra mile" you traveled in making the buyer comfortable and excited about the purchase, while also respecting our wishes for privacy during escrow. We were looking for an agent that was confident of a sale and appreciative of the unique aspects of the property. As you know, we considered another well-known competing agent in the area; whose negative outlook has probably cost her and her clients a few sales. We think that your positive can do attitude was critical, and paid off for us. Your appreciation of the property really showed through. This reflects your unique advantage in representing properties in this area. Looking at the current sales in the Santa Rosa Valley, it is apparent that you continue to deliver for our ex-neighbors as well!

— Guy and Judy Philips