What about your privacy while your home is for sale?

What about your privacy while your home is for sale? Sometimes people ask why some of the homes we have currently listed, are in escrow, do not have real estate signs in front.  We cherish a client’s privacy during the sales process. Do real estate signs really sell properties or are they simply advertising billboards for the agent?  What about your privacy while your home is for sale?

Our client’s privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We take this responsibility very seriously. Each client has different needs, each client has different opinions and each client is unique. When it comes to issues that affect how secure they feel during the sales period, we listen and work with that client to assure that their concerns are considered and met. For example, many clients do not want 3D images of their property, some do not want their closets photographed, some dislike the idea of an open house, and some don’t want a daughter’s rooms to be photographed. There can be a variety of reasons a client doesn’t want a sign in their yard.

We understand these concerns and we work with the clients to do everything we can to comply with their wishes. We would explain, for example, that statistically, 7% of buyers first introduction to a home for sale comes from a real estate sign. If that 7% does not outweigh their reasons for having the signs – it’s simple we won’t use a sign. We recognize agents like to have their signs in a neighborhood, we do too! It’s also good advertising for the agent. However, never at the expense of a client’s satisfaction. For us, a client’s peace of mind is always uppermost in our minds.

In addition, we always are present – either Dennis or me or both – when a home is shown. We are expert at fielding questions  we consider are of a personal nature and we keep conversations with a client private.

Every good agent lives for praise from a happy client. So, we were thrilled when one of our clients had this to say about how we handled their need for privacy in the transaction. And, by the way, this client wrote this testimonial to be shared! To see the full quote visit www.mustseere.com.

“We really appreciated the “extra mile” you travelled in making the buyer comfortable and excited about the purchase, while also respecting our wishes for privacy during the escrow. We were looking for an agent that was confident of a sale and appreciative of the unique aspects of the property.”

Great words of praise like that…. Priceless!